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Aesthetics services offered in Vero Beach and Fort Pierce, FL

Aesthetics refers to how you look, and while aesthetic services might not preserve your health, they can most certainly improve your self-confidence. At Center for Advanced Eye Care in Vero Beach and Fort Pierce, Florida, the team uses cosmetic injectables and meticulous plastic surgery on your face to make slight yet significant alterations to your facial appearance. To see if you’re a candidate for your aesthetic service of choice, call the practice or book a visit online today.

Aesthetics Q&A

What is aesthetics?

Aesthetics refers to how you look, and aesthetic services aim to improve your appearance. Center for Advanced Eye Care offers surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic services so you can make your eyes and the features around them look their best. In a few cases, aesthetic services also serve functional or reconstructive purposes. 

The team promises results that look natural with all of their aesthetic treatments. They carefully plan each one after asking you about the goals you’d like to reach and may take photos or X-rays for planning purposes during your consultation. 

You can ask as many questions as you want so you know exactly what to expect from your procedure or surgery. 

Which aesthetic services are available?

Center for Advanced Eye Care gives you various options for treatment that can fit your preferences. If you’re not a candidate for one, another might work very well for you. During your consultation, the team can tell you more about:


Botox and similar injectables like Dysport® and Xeomin® relax the muscles in your face. This serves the purpose of smoothing fine lines like crow’s feet or forehead lines for the 4-6 months that the product is active. 


Fillers look and feel similar to subdermal fat when injected under your skin. Juvéderm® and Restylane® fillers can refine your facial contours or add plumpness where you’re lacking volume, like the lips or cheeks. They can also treat larger wrinkles that Botox can’t address, and they dissolve naturally after 6-12 months. 

Oculofacial plastic surgery

Oculofacial plastic surgeries correct abnormalities around the eyes. The results are permanent, though natural aging might affect them over time. 

What can aesthetic services do?

There are lots of goals you can reach with the aesthetic services available at Center for Advanced Eye Care. The team helps you name your goals and select the right treatments to use to meet them. Using Botox, fillers, or surgery, you can make these changes to your facial appearance:

  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Fewer fine lines
  • Decreased lower lid shadow
  • Less prominent scars
  • Less droopy eyelids
  • Reconstruction after traumatic damage
  • Removal of tumors and other growths

The team at Center for Advanced Eye Care has in-depth knowledge of the anatomical features around your eyes, like the eyelids, brows, and orbit. They can safely treat these areas using injections or surgery without damaging your eyes or affecting the function of any structure in the region. 

If you’d like to target age-related features, growths, or damage on the face with aesthetic or reconstructive services, call Center for Advanced Eye Care or book online today.